Real Estate Office Workflow Tools

Roles & Permissions

A cutting edge real estate website requires an advanced user management system. RealtyMX offers an array of permissions and roles covering almost every element of the system. Different levels of user roles determine the policy for the office workflow. Agents, administrator and managers are assigned different permissions, access levels and other relevant options.

Each main sections of the system such as listings, buildings, ads, documents, leads and contacts can be enabled or disabled from a specific user. In addition, you have the ability to allow or ban certain activities for specific areas of the system.

Other than roles and permissions management, all of the advertisement quotas, featured properties limit, and general settings are available within the individual user definition. These features and others give you levels of control and efficiency that could only be found in advanced and expensive ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) systems and high-end CRM solutions.

Here are some of the features:

  • Support for different business roles (agents, administrator, managers, etc.)
  • Extensive permission system
  • Quality control features
  • Advertisement quotas
  • Mass updates capabilities
  • Easy & intuitive interface
  • And many more...