Real Estate Office Workflow Tools

Contacts Management

Clients & Landlords, tenants & brokers are only some of the contact type you can store and manage with RealtyMX. Assign your contacts to properties, documents and e-mail alerts, and easily arrange all of the contact relevant information in a single file.

As information privacy is a top priority, each entry in your contact database can be restricted or allowed only to specific users and groups. Advanced correlation between all system modules allows you to securely distribute listings, documents and other important information, all from one place.

With particular contact types such as landlord, clients and brokers, RealtyMX assists you in creating a unique set of workflow settings such as deal requirements, special reminders and useful information of each party.

Here are some of the features:

  • Variety of contact types with specific workflow characteristic
  • Association of contacts with any other system objects
  • Extensive search options
  • Mass changes capabilities
  • Unlimited number of reporting views
  • Security & privacy options
  • Easy & intuitive interface
  • And many more...